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In general when a new software version appears everybody hurries to update it especially if it is for free. PHP 5 has just appeared and it seems that there are people who use the PHP 4 version and others who use the PHP 5 one.

You probably know that PHP 5 is destined for OOP, but it appears that habitual programming can be used too. Moreover, OOP is used in PHP4 as well, with the difference that in PHP5 things are a little more evaluated. This means that in PHP4 safety modes for classes (public, private) are not accepted. In PHP4 the objects are a kind of structures which accept objects and functions as well, according to OOP. In PHP4 they are useful as well.

If you are used to working with PHP4 you can use PHP5 with no problems because the differences are not significant and the changes were made so that programmers would not be confused. An example would be class builders which, in PHP4 were functions within the classes bearing the same name as the class. In PHP5 it is firstly checked if there is a function (method) __construct (). If it does not exist, check if there is a function (method) which has the same name as the class. This means that even if you are not aware of the latest news in the domain of PHP5, your scripts will function without any problem.

If you want to install PHP4 and PHP5 in parallel, you can set USE indicators, which are different for each version and you can find out a lot of other important pieces of information asking us.
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