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How to upgrade php4 to php5
You may wonder why PHP 5 from the portage is not marked as stable, yet. The problem is not actually the PHP 5 packet, but there still are a lot of applications, extensions PHP and packets from portage which do not work with PHP 5 and this situation can’t be helped yet. The solution to solve these problems is to be offered a mixed environment PHP4 / PHP5 on the same computer in the same time. But this would not have been possible with the current arrangement of the packets and PHP e-classes, so you don’t need too much effort for the new arrangement, the new e-classes and the new e-builds. We can offer you upgrade tips without affecting negatively your system.
For example all the PHP e builds dev-php/php, dev-php/php-cgi and dev-php/mod_php have been integrated in a single e build: dev-lang/php.
In order to choose the server interface wanted (SAPI) , you can use the following USE indicators:

* cgi – compiles and installs /usr/bin/php-cgi
* cli – compiles and installs /usr/bin/php
* apache – compiles and installs mod_php for Apache 1.3 (new arrangement)
* apache2 – compiles and installs mod_php for Apache 2.0 (new arrangement)

You can mix and match any of these indicators; the only exception is that you can’t have apache and apache 2 activated
The most important thing about these e-builds is that you can have both PHP4 and PHP 5 installed in the same time.
Furthermore, if you ask a helping hand from an expert you can be guided step by step in order to upgrade your PHP 4 to PHP 5 absolutely easily.
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