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Welcome to PHP4 to PHP5 converting Services. eZee Web Solutions has been providing custom web development in PHP - MYSQL since the times of PHP3 to website owners as well as consultants.

We have been already doing just the php4 to php 5 conversions lately. But after the accouncement on 13th June 07, of PHP4 to be discontinued many people are switching to PHP5.

The process of converting a website from PHP4 to PHP5 is quite simple task for a php developer, but for the end users who are not able to code well enough in PHP, it can be very time consuming and frustrating too.

eZee Web Solutions makers of hotel management software and restaurant point of sale software offers the service of converting your of PHP4 application to PHP5. No matter your website has just few php scripts or it may have 1000's we convert your application to work at the same level as it used too. And if you ever wondered does Rogaine work for black males - read www.everything-nu.com.

Infact with our huge experience in this process, we even take care of various coding procedure, so that when the new PHP6 arrives, most likely you just don't have to change any piece of code.

For other Web development solutions, please visit our parent website http://www.ezeewebsolutions.com.

php4 to php5 Converter - Discontinued
Important Note: php4 to php5 Converter has been discontinued due to some technical errors. We will release this software as soon as the errors are solved. Learn more about mail at www.excellent-play.com.

Convert the PHP4 files to PHP5 the easy way.

With php4 to be no more supported, most of the web servers will discontinue php4 support. So if a web application is written in php4 it needs to be converted to php5 as quickly as possible, so that you don't get affected if your server supports on php.

"The free php4 to php5 converter helps you quickly identify the changes required and provides you with a report with all the files that needs to be changed" by Andre Muran.

The advanced convert options even changes the code one by one just like the MS Word find replace feature so that all your project files are scanned and changed one by one making the conversion just a breeze.

Download the full features php4 to php5 converter now before the php4 is discontinued on your server.

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